Make30 Under the Table Jobs that Pay Cash on the Spot

30 Under the Table Jobs that Pay Cash on the Spot

Sometimes working hard isn't enough to make ends meet. Here are 30 under the table jobs to make money, from selling your plasma to selling pieces of yourself.

Want to make money in cash? Under the table jobs are a great way to earn cash right away and get paid today. Let’s do this with jobs that pay cash on the spot.

We would all love to make a little extra money where possible. Whether it is a couple of extra $10 each week, or a bigger sum in the hundreds to make the months more bearable. Not to mention the fact that expenses can arrive when least expected, and this extra cash can be just the way you stay afloat until the next payday.

Believe it or not, there are so many ways that income can be boosted. More so than trying your best to complete the endless online surveys that offer the smallest amount of money that won’t even make a dent in the account levels.

So, here’s our guide, on ways to earn some more money each month. We’ve decided to go much more creative, unusual and unique. So dive in and see if there’s anything you could take on.

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30 Unusual Ways to Make Money Under the Table

Sometimes working hard isn’t enough to make ends meet. Here are 30 jobs that pay cash on the spot, from selling your plasma to selling pieces of yourself.

1. Become A Mystery Shopper

Surprising to many, there is a wide range of businesses and companies out there, that will pay random locals to shop in specific shops, and pose as a customer while testing out their experience or products.

The hiring company will likely give the client a set of guidelines to follow, and exactly what they need to review on their journey. The tasks given could really be anywhere between buying a new top, to purchasing life insurance. But, anything brought will be reimbursed to the mystery shopper.

Assignments usually pay cash to the shopper on the spot between $5-$10, which can be built up nicely if a handful of shops are completed at one time. Not to mention the flexibility of this job. Simply being completed as and when you can, no matter the time of day.

2. Selling Electrical Devices

Many of us likely make an effort to keep up with the times, with a new phone or gaming computer being released as quickly as every two years. Because of this, there is a chance that you have a collection of old phones or devices stored in a drawer somewhere.

However, these devices can make perfect for gaining some extra cash on the spot. There are many apps and websites around such as ‘Decluttr‘ that offers a fair amount of money, for devices that are even a few years old.

And, seen as you aren’t using these products anymore, why not get paid to give it away? Then, more drawer space will be freed up to begin re-filling with old devices, to sell again in the future.

3. Look After Pets

Every pet owner wants their loved one to be well looked after and cared for while they are away. And without paying the price, this is a hard thing to find. However, to solve this issue, you could become a pet sitter; to make a handful of cash on a flexible, free time basis.

Many people have pets that need to be fed and checked on many times throughout the day, so traveling or having days out becomes hard to do unless the pet can be brought along too. So, offering this service will allow people to get to do things they would like.

Not to mention, a pet sitter is much more appealing to many, as they are far cheaper than using a kennel that can charge into the hundreds for a few days care. And even better, while you will be cheaper, you can still set your own service rates by working as a pet sitter on, to secure a great source of generated income.

4. Become a Tutor

There are many students in the local area that need a little extra help in order to gain successful grades at school. And, there are the same amount of parents that are willing to pay for it, as they want to see their children reach the highest goals.

So, if you possess in-depth knowledge on a specific subject (with the most wanted being Maths, English, and Science), then you could help students by becoming a private tutor.

Being a tutor can allow you to rake in a fair amount of money, with some paying a start price of $20 an hour (depending on experience) just to get their child a little extra education with the hopes to pass, all without yourself having to spend years getting a teachers qualification. If you’d rather teach online, you can opt to teach English online using sites like VIPKid or Education First.

5. Offer An Ironing Service

One thing everyone hates is doing chores. Whether that be after a long day of work or the fact it will take up the whole weekend, these tasks are miserable, and something that one would easily pass onto someone else so they don’t have to complete it.

These chores make for a great way to make money. In particular, an ironing service! Looking at past experiences, those who freelance this service can charge between $70-80 per item, to fixed price such as $12 for a specific weight.

There are a few ways that the locals can find out about this service too. From posting on social media to business cards and in the newspaper. Each will work nicely to spreading awareness of this service.

6. Sell Pieces Of Yourself

While this may sound a little questionable, it’s likely not what you think!

There are many companies out there that will pay rather respectfully for peoples naturally grown hair. And, with the market being bigger than ever for those wanting long and glamourous hair, then there’s no better time than to turn your own long locks into extensions and sell them online.

Even further, if you’re not ready to make such a drastic chop, then why not contact hair salons or even independent hairdressers, ask if they’re needing a hair model and offer yours as a service for a particular price. This way you get a free hair-do while helping someone’s business, and make money for it too!

7. Rent Out Your Parking Space

One thing that stresses out every driver, especially those that live in built-up cities, is trying to find a parking space at the end of the day. Everyone tends to get home at the same time. Each journey is a competition to see who can get to the small number of spaces available, leaving those who are late struggling to find somewhere to leave their car overnight.

Because of this, a lot of homeowners will actually purchase a parking space outside their home, if a driveway is not accessible. If you are one of these people, then why not move your car to the side, and rent out the space to make a little extra money.

So many people would pay for this service as they long for the satisfaction of getting home from a long working day, and seeing the perfect space waiting for them without having to speed down the motorway. Therefore, why not do this, ensuring that your car has its own space, then make free money from essentially doing nothing!

8. Become A Life Model

The natural body is something many artists use to create powerful pieces. And, one skill that many would love to possess, is being able to draw perfectly from life. This is where you could come in, by offering a life model service to these people or groups. And, you don’t need to have the body of a supermodel. In fact, the more natural, the better.

There are many colleges and universities up and down the country that are looking far and wide for life models for their students to study and work from, so this is definitely a great way to make money if you’re feeling up to it.

Some models can earn up to $15 an hour for sitting or standing in a position, essentially doing nothing. So, if you’re confident and free feeling, then why not take the plunge and jump into life modeling?

9. Review Music

One of my favorite jobs that pay cash on the spot is reviewing music. If you think you’re a bit of an avid music lover, with interest and appreciation in almost any genre, then why not become a music reviewer.

In doing this, you are boosting the brand name of those that are trying to break into the music world, by leaving reviews and thoughts on their new releases that any producer could stumble across!

This one isn’t a side job that will make you heaps of money, but it’s one of the most entertaining, especially if you listen to music regularly. Also, you can do it from absolutely anywhere with the Survey Junkie app. Whether that be tucked up in bed, on the way to work or even during a workout. Just pop in some headphones and you’ll get going!

10. Let A Room

Teenagers travel all over the world in order to get an education they see as perfect, whether that means moving away from the family home or not. And, due to being young, the chances of them having enough money to buy a new property for themselves is very minimal. And, with prices of uni halls rising every year, moving away to get a better education is becoming an option for some.

So, why not help this issue, and rent out one of your spare rooms if on hand. In doing this you will be able to have a little help with paying bills and make a profit on top to spend where you wish.

This isn’t a gig that will go on forever either. As the student will likely be around for maybe a year or two, traveling back home within the holiday periods, leaving the house free to yourself over Christmas to have family or friends for an NYE party.

11. Sell Unused Items On eBay

It is very likely that you will have items in and around the house that never get used, and are taking up space that could be utilized much more efficiently.

Simply check through the drawers full of miscellaneous items whether that be books, old watches or even memorabilia that someone would definitely love to add to their own collection. And then, you get to make some space in the home and make money for the items that are essentially junk to you now.

Even if you think no one would want it, a simple post on eBay never hurt anyone. And you never know who may want your items!

12. Create A Blog

This next option is both a creative and time-consuming process, but with time can become a significant source of income that could even take over the job you have now, with some bloggers making up to $10,000 per article posted. You can start a blog in less than 10 total clicks. Yup, and if you set up your site on a platform like Bluehost, it automatically walks you through every step of the process, from buying the domain to setting up your own blog.

Blogging is an extremely popular way for people to make space for themselves online. A blog can be about absolutely anything and focus on specific people based on what you would like to create. Whether it be promoting goods or advertising, companies everywhere love to pay those online to talk about their services, with a great rate too.

So, if you have a handful of free evenings and a great idea that could be of interest to a wide audience, why not get into blogging!

13. Rent Your Back Garden Out

If you’re a homeowner lucky enough to be surrounded by forestry and have a garden that is a rather large size, then this is a perfect way to make some cash on the side, by renting out your patch of grass to a set of happy campers!

Holidaymakers everywhere would love to take the family camping but find that the freeway is just a little too dangerous, and some camping sites charge huge amounts for simply laying on a lawn. So, by offering this out, you are sure to reap in so much interest and definitely some clients within a good time.

14. Become A Private Tour Guide

If you’ve lived in the area for a reasonable amount of time, hold knowledge on all of the best spots, and genuinely love the area enough to talk about it, then why not become a tour guide, for those visiting for a holiday.

This way, the tourists can gain a more personable experience, without having to follow around a large group; and they might get to see a little more of the town, through having a dedicated and private guide such as yourself.

And you never know, you may make some out-of-town friends that become a part of your life forever, or even find ‘the one’ while taking them to your favorite local pub. Who knows who you may meet!

15. Sell Plants And Trees

If you are the avid gardener and take pride in personally growing the finest of flowers and trees, then why not turn this into a local home business?

Simply focus your efforts on not only growing your own garden but dedicating a space to be sold, then you can aid in gardens all over by giving them a small helping of natural beauty.

From roses to orchids, you can grow and nurture these treasures, then cut them away when ready and sell in either bunches for personal presents, or remove with the soil still intact, to be replanted in someone else garden.

By doing this, you’re only turning what you love, into money. What could be better!

16. House Sit

You’ve likely heard of baby-sitting or pet-sitting, but what about house-sitting? This is a much quieter and simpler way to make some extra money, while still using your caring skills to help another family.

There are many families or couples out there that would much prefer to have someone look after their property while they are away on holiday or work, then leaving their home unattended. So, why not offer your services to these people?

House-sitters can get paid a very fair rate, with food and a room usually included in the offer. This side job is not only a way to make money either, but it is also essentially a little personal holiday too. With just yourself and the house with no one to answer too, who says this job cant be turned into some far more relaxing (as long as everything asked of you is done).

17. Become A Translator

Being bilingual is a talent that some don’t even realize. Being able to speak more than one language allows a whole new world to be opened to those who hold this skill. For example, becoming a translator.

There is a high demand for those that can sit in on corporate events, even those as large as government hosted, and be a translator for those who cannot understand the speeches being given.

The best thing about this too is that the job can be either full time or part time based, being only called when crucially needed to make some quick and easy money.

18. Be A Courier In Your Spare Time

Within the past years, there has been a huge increase in those online shopping and ordering products from all over the world. And with this rise, comes an even bigger demand for businesses to ship and deliver clients orders in record time. Because of this, more people than ever need to become couriers.

Due to such a want for people to do this job, the pay rate is very satisfactory, with some giving those around $15 an hour for simply driving around the area, delivering people’s ordered goods.

Many companies that take on couriers allow them to work on a very flexible schedule, with some only working whenever they want too, by simply requesting orders within their area and dropping off the parcels.

19. Sell Your Stories

If you are one of those lucky people that have a crazy happening going on every week, then you likely already have a storage locker full of personal stories, from goings-on that has occurred over the years. And, these stories can actually earn you a very respectable amount of money, if brought by the right person.

Whether you have survived a roller coaster crash or have purchased the world’s largest house pet, then share this with an audience that will definitely love to hear about it.

The companies you should be targeting with these stories are those that own magazines or newspapers, with many on the hunt for the best real-life stories that will put their brand name above the rest.

20. Become A Transcriber

There are many people out there who have spent years working in an office role, gaining the top typing skills from doing this task every day. And now, many people can get paid for becoming a transcriber.

The hours within the job role are very appealing, with so much flexibility and freedom, with no training needed, and the ability to work from the comfort of your very own home. All you need to become a transcriber is a reliable computer and headphones so you can start making money in no time!

21. Rent Out Your Car

If you find that public transport is far better for your daily commute then driving your own car is, and find that it is parked far longer then it is in use, why not make a business by renting it out to the community.

This way, the car will get its’ money worth from having constant use, and won’t fall into a state of not turning on from never being driven. And you (the owner) can make a very fair amount of money every time someone uses it.

As a car owner, you can rent out the vehicle up into the hundred, with the chance of doubling your monthly wage from just supplying a car for those who need it. For example, tourists or holidaymakers, or those who just need a car while theirs is being fixed. Either way, you’re being a huge help and making a lot of money too!

22. Grow And Sell Vegetables

Enjoying being organic can be more than just a personal lifestyle. In fact, with the new generation growing vastly, more and more people are choosing a clean, vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, where your homegrown goods can be the perfect asset to their daily meals.

You may not make a living from it, but you will definitely make a small wage, becoming the local go-to for the best and most fresh produce.

It may not even be only the locals that use your food services, however. Restaurants and bars may even want to get their hand in the selection and begin using your homegrown produce for the meals they serve their customers.

23. Go On A Game Show

While you may need a bit of confidence, and more knowledge than the local pub quiz asks of you, why not take a leap of faith and try your luck on a game show. You never know the extent of money that could be won, with some even going into the hundreds of thousands.

Shows are always on the prowl. For example those such as ‘Pointless’, ‘The Chase’, or even ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ are looking for personalities that will not only make a stand on the show but will provide a very entertaining experience for the viewers. And, even if you don’t win a lot of money, at least you’ve been on the television! How many people can say that?

24. Make A Business From Watch Television

Everyone enjoys an evening on the sofa, watching endless episodes of their favorite programs. So, why not turn this into a money-making business.

There are broadcasting companies out there that will pay those television lovers to watch any program or film offered and ask for a review with their opinion. Those who take part can earn a rather generous amount of money, for just watch a few episodes of a series. For example, up to $70 for simply watching a 90-minute feature, and writing up their opinion on it. How simple is that!

25. Place Adverts On Your Car

It may not be a very appealing job for some, but there is quite a bit of money in selling the space on your car to those who want to place advertisements on it.

You can choose what you would like to have pasted onto your car, of course asking for those most appropriate if you are a parent or still live at home, and then you can begin making money.

Some companies that pay for ad placement will ask you to do a specific amount of driving per month, in order for their advert to get seen by as many people as possible. The main aspect is, the more of your car you allow to be covered, the more money you will make, just like any normal job when it comes to working hours.

Those who offer this service can find themselves making around $100 a month, depending on their acceptance of adverts on their car.

26. Become An Entertainment Extra

Most of us have longed to be on the big screen all our lives, yet aren’t gifted with the talent of being the next golden globe winner. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t still be a part of the entertainment industry, and be recorded on film- just in the background.

Even better, you don’t need any acting skills whatsoever, just the ability to act natural, and work exactly how the directors ask you. This may be simply walking around a shop, standing at a set of school lockers, or even serving food in a restaurant.

Just simply sign up with a casting agency and wait for a shift call to go to.

27. Become A Test Subject

Both businesses and universities everywhere look for test subjects to aid their students in learning a new method, or gain reputable research. Being a test subject is not only fun and unique but also a rather easy way to make some extra money.

The types of tasks that are likely to come up range from simply playing a game, having measurements taken, or even medical aid. This one task, in fact, pays very well, but looks for those that have plenty of free time, the ability to withstand rather invasive treatments, and can overcome any possible side-effects.

In this sector, it’s just a case of finding those tasks that you would be open to doing, and will also enjoy!

28. Sell Your Plasma

Quite unique, yet a successful way to bring in a handful of money is by selling your plasma- sounds a little gross but bear with me…

This process is essentially having your blood drawn at a local center, and tested for a liquid called plasma that can be used to treat extremely rare diseases. Then, unlike most blood banks, the blood will actually be returned to the body after testing and you will be paid generously. In fact, in America, the test centers pay $20-$50 for those that offer their blood for testing, which is a few days work for some!

29. Rent Out Your Home For Filming

Your home could be the one set atop filmmaker is looking for, and you do not even know it yet. So, why not test your luck and make your home a very own filmstar.

Those that are of a larger size with big rooms and space around the home tend to get chosen the most due to their flexibility to be changed, with a lot of action being able to happen within them.

Yet, those houses that are smaller and more contemporary are still sought after, so don’t hesitate to list your property just because it’s small. And then, this can be your next party ice breaker, with your guests standing on the set of the next big Hollywood film!

30. Recycle Printer Cartridges

A fair few businesses in the local area have points where people can recycle their old ink cartridges for money. There are many apps online that offer their users money for an empty cartridge such as ‘Infotone’ are willing to pay up to $2 for each one.

This is certainly a great way to make money if you are a business owner or work in an office, and printing ink is used daily, with cartridges only getting thrown out. Why not make some money back on them?

Ready to Start Making Cash on the Spot?

There are so many ways to make some extra money on the side of working full or part-time. From selling your blood to renting out your car parking space, the everyday things that can be turned into a mini business are never-ending – it just takes a little creativity.

There are even more ideas out there than the ones I’ve suggested above. Such as starting a freelance beauty business, downloading apps that pay you money or offering freshly made cakes to the local area. Really, anything that you enjoy doing in your free time, can be turned into a money-making hobby with just a few steps and a little confidence.

So why not take the dive and start making some extra money. You never know, the role you take could become a new full-time career, or you could double your monthly salary, how great would that be? Get going and choose the idea that would suit you best; this extra money may even pay for your next holiday!


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