16 Best Stock News Apps for Unbiased News Sources

Check out the most unbiased news source for stock news. These are the best stock news apps for breaking stock market and financial news.

When it comes to making big decisions, timing is key. Making informed decisions at the right time can mean the difference between retiring young and just scraping by.

If you want to stay on top of the markets, you need to be aware of changes in financial news. There are a lot of stock news apps that can keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. Some even allow you to trade your stocks based on the information you find.

But which stock market app is the best to use? That's what this article aims to answer. We have divided the best stock news apps into categories that emphasize their strength. That way, you can remain up-to-date, uncovering trends that could lead to superior returns.

Best Stock Market and Financial News Sites & Apps – Top Picks

Best for ‘Strong Buy’ Stock Picks
Best for Investing News and Stock Picking
Best for Buy and Hold Investors
Premium: $189/year
55% Off: $89 for 1st year; $199 renewal
$99 for first year; $299 renewal
Best for ‘Strong Buy’ Stock Picks
Best for Investing News and Stock Picking
55% Off: $89 for 1st year; $199 renewal
Best for Buy and Hold Investors
$99 for first year; $299 renewal

Best Stock News Apps and Sites

We live in a world where the financial market is an ever-changing beast. Investing wisely can make or break a person's financial future.

However, navigating this market can be difficult and overwhelming for the average person. This is where the latest stock market news can help.

1. Seeking Alpha Premium: Best for ‘Strong Buy’ Stock Picks

seeking alpha

Seeking Alpha Premium gives you access to ‘Strong Buy’ stock picks and unlimited content. It can easily become a key component of your investment decision process. 

The Quanting system is particularly extremely useful, complete tool. There is no way an individual investor can to all the work, research and deep analysis that these tools provide.

The articles written by various types of analysts along with comments given by the bulls and bears are essential to help any investor make their own point of view.

Why We Choose It

Seeking Alpha is an investment research platform and arguably one of the best platforms for stock market research.

It offers advice and recommendations on investment options and analyzes financial news and notable stocks so that its subscribers can make the best decision. 

Its user-generated content and in-depth stock analysis are invaluable for intermediate and advanced investors looking for an all-in-one shop for their investing needs. 

The app also has customized tools to help investors link their portfolios, track stock performance, access trending stock analysis and more features.


  • High-quality content for both stock analysis and breaking stock market news.
  • Once subscribed, you can access daily newsletters, interviews and top-tier content.
  • Some articles are crowdsourced, so you can directly interact with the authors and pick their brains.
  • Tools like the Idea Filter, exclusive to Pro, are hugely beneficial to intermediate and advanced investors alike.
  • 14-day free trial through this link.


  • Content is overly localized to the U.S and sometimes Canada.
  • Crowdsourced articles might be inaccurate and exaggerated specifically for clicks.
  • A subscription plan might be expensive for casual traders.


Seeking Alpha has made a name for itself as one of the best stock market news apps by doling out valuable content articles about industry news, trends, and investing ideas.

Seeking Alpha Premium is available for a 14-days free trial. After that, Premium costs $189 per year and you can the see pricing here.

2. Motley Fool Stock Advisor: Best for Investing News and Stock Picking

motley fool stock advisor

The Motley Fool employs multiple platforms that provide stock-picking advice and recommendations to cater to different needs.

The Motley Fool's Stock Advisor is the company's primary subscription-based platform, with returns reputed to outpace the S&P 500.

Why We Choose It

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is frequently compared to another of the company's platforms, Motley Fool's Rule Breakers. However, while Rule Breakers focuses more on growth stocks and long-term high-return investments, the Stock Advisor is best suited for people interested in picking individual stocks for semi-active trading.

Though some consider the annual subscription plan of the Stock Advisor to be a little steep, the cost more than pays for itself with the bi-monthly (that is, twice a month) stock recommendations that the plan gives access to. 

The recommendations are sent via newsletter along with the analysis of the stock and why it is picked. It is perfect for beginner and intermediate investors to educate themselves on the details behind each pick. 

With a subscription, there's also the added advantage of viewing all the previous picks chosen by the company and their analysis. Signing up for the Stock Advisor also provides a community of fellow investors with whom you can share ideas and get answers to nagging questions.


  • Access to two stock picks per month, as well as 10 stock recommendations.
  • A Starter Stock guide that can be invaluable in helping new investors build their first financial portfolio.
  • The Stock Advisor platform provides a “Favorites” section that lets you keep track of all the stocks you're considering adding to your portfolio.
  • Investor Forum: once subscribed, users gain access to a community teeming with new and experienced investors. The forum can be an excellent place to share your thoughts about stocks in your portfolio and network with other investors. 
  • Subscribed users get access to the Motley Fool's historical picks and an analysis of each pick. It can be invaluable when learning how to recognize trends in the market, especially if you prefer to choose your stocks.


  • While Stock Advisor generally tends to outperform the market, no stock recommendation is guaranteed to be a winner. 
  • Since the company is so famous for its good recommendations, stock prices tend to increase temporarily once its weekly newsletter comes out. So, if you're late, you might buy at a higher price. It is called “The Motley Effect.”


The cost for new members is $79 for the first year of subscription. However, subsequent years draw a cost of $199 for renewal.

3. Motley Fool Rule Breakers: Best for Buy and Hold Investors

In over 15 years of business, Motley Fool has established itself as one of the best news apps for picking stocks. And this is because their analysis is always focused on the stocks with the best growth potential over five years. In other words, they go for the big game.

Why We Choose It

The Motley Fool Rule Breakers is the number one choice for getting investing news and stock picking advice because of the sheer depth of their analysis. When searching for the best stocks on the market, the company's team is known to dig deep through historical data, stock research and industry news to uncover stock trends that have the potential for growth over time. And then, they recommend those stocks in their newsletters to you, their subscriber. 

To make the best recommendations for its subscribers, The Motley Fool always has its fingers on the pulse of the financial market for the latest developments and events. 

With a subscription for the Rule Breakers, you get the newsletter that gives access to 2 stock picks a month and a set of 10 Starter Stocks suited for investors just starting.


  • A subscription provides access to the Rule Breaker's recommendations, the risk level of the recommendation, and the potential return compared to the S&P 500. Stocks recommended by the company have an average return of about 293%.
  • New investors are provided a set of 10 starter stocks after subscription, giving them an edge.
  • Every month, the 5 “Best Buy Now” opportunities are recommended in their newsletter.
  • There's a 30-day membership-free-back guarantee where you can get a full refund on your subscription.


  • Though the Rule Breakers keep above the curve in their stock recommendations, you can lose a few times they get it wrong.
  • The Rule Breakers employ a buy-and-hold strategy that works for about 5 years. As such, it isn't suited for quick trades. 
  • There is no free membership. To access the good stuff, you have to be subscribed to their newsletter.
  • Some plans and platforms can be prohibitively expensive.


For new members, the subscription costs $99 for 12 months, though the right discount link can bring down this price. However, it costs $299 to renew your subscription after the first year.

4. Finimize: Best for Daily Digests of Stock Market News

The Finimize app is great for getting information about the latest financial news and industry trends. It offers many services in its free membership option and then upgrades those benefits in its premium paid subscription. 

Why We Choose It

Finimize takes the spot as the best stock news app for daily digests because its newsletter and emails are always short and covers everything you need to know engagingly and conversationally. 

Finimize doesn't direct you on which stocks to buy or avoid; rather, it summarizes the most recent financial news into three distinct sections and provides links you can check out to get more in-depth information.

Since the app tends to use short recordings or shorter engaging articles for its summaries, you could go through the whole thing in under five minutes while getting ready for your day. 


  • The app and its newsletter can both be gotten for free. That way, you can stay up-to-date on recent financial news and trends. 
  • Free membership also provides access to the app's Introductory Packs. These are in-depth guides that teach about finances. 
  • Finimize provides access to more than one million investors just like you. It opens the door for collaboration with like-minded people.
  • Content comes in easily digestible formats that can be finished in under 5 minutes while getting ready for the day. 
  • Finimize holds virtual webinars and workshops monthly— most of them are free. These events can be a great learning experience for both newbie investors and more experienced ones.
  • Premium membership on the app gives access to private online groups dedicated to like-minded investors and analysts from Finimize's team. It puts you in the presence of experts and allows you to ask questions directly from the best of the best. 


  • The app offers a free trial to help customers sample its content. However, the free trial is reputed to be very limited.
  • Though the articles and recordings are helpful to keep up to date on industry news and trends, the app is, first and foremost, a news service and so doesn't focus on investment analysis.


Finimize has the option of free membership, where you access a ton of benefits and gain value without paying a dime. However, its annual membership package costs $60/per year.

5. Trade-Ideas: Best for Daily Trading Ideas & Proprietary Idea Filter Tools

Trade-Ideas is one of the best scanners on the market today. It uses an AI, Holy Grail, which is active throughout the day and filters searches according to your requirements. When used right, the platform can be a non-stop pipeline to get trading ideas so you can make the best choice when throwing your chips in.

Why We Choose It

Trade-Ideas provides real-time data from stock exchanges so that investors can more easily identify trends in the market. 

It has many built-in scans designed to find unique trading opportunities in real-time and provide you with the best point of entry or exit. The information obtained from the platform is invaluable when developing strategies for the market.


  • Gives access to Holly. The AI can scan the markets for unique opportunities, test strategies, access risks, etc.—all in real-time.
  • The scanners are easily programmable, so you only get alerts about what's important and what fits your trading strategy.
  • Trading Ideas delivers top-tier trading ideas for investors. 
  • The Brokerage Plus feature of the app allows auto-trading, where the AI, Holly, executes trades automatically based on your trading strategies.
  • Offers complete lessons that break down hard-to-understand concepts about the stock markets, building your portfolio, etc.


  • The app can be somewhat complex for new investors unfamiliar with stock scanners. 
  • The subscription plan is pricier compared to other trading services.
  • Without filtering the alerts, you can get bogged down by general notifications you are not interested in.


Trading Ideas starts at $99 monthly for the standard package or $188 for the premium package. There's also the option of prepaying $888 yearly for the standard package.

6. Tokenist's Five Minute Finance: Best for Quick Macro Trend Discussion

The Five-Minute Finance is a free newsletter published every week and is perfect for investors keen on keeping abreast of everything happening in the financial market. The newsletter discusses everything from industry trends to fintech and cryptocurrency integration, providing real analysis of them all.

Why We Choose It

Every week, Five-Minutes Finance focuses on identifying the five most significant trends of that week and then discussing their impact on the financial market. 

It has to be one of the best platforms to use for keeping your pulse on the financial market because it doesn't just analyze significant industry trends alone; it also pays attention to the integration of Finance and technology, including digital assets, Defi, etc.


  • It's free.
  • The newsletter is a good way to remain up-to-date with the financial market and get explanations of significant trends and changes.
  • Content is constant and always valuable.
  • The publication also pays attention to the integration of Finance and technology, including Fintech, digital assets, cryptocurrency and others.


  • The newsletter doesn't provide actionable investing advice.


  • Free

7. CNBC App: Best for Stock Market News and Personal Finance Topics

Even if you're not a big news person, it's still very likely that you've heard of the CNBC news channel at some point or the other—even in passing. 

In terms of rating, the channel is one of the leading news networks in the world, ranked alongside Bloomberg TV and ET Now.

The channel is known for its accurate and timely news delivery, exclusive news stories and all-around valuable content. And guess what? The CNBC app is just as good—if not better.

Why We Choose It

The CNBC stock market news app is one of the best places to get actionable information about business and financial news, as well as up-to-date market data and alerts. 

Like its parent news channel, the app is designed for accurate and timely delivery, and important notifications are pushed through even when the app is closed.

With it, investors can monitor real-time stock quotes and customize a watchlist to track changes in specific stocks and headlines. You can also watch video clips and episodes of the best of CNBC's entertainment.


  • The CNBC app provides accurate and actionable information on business, political and financial news, stock market data, and discussions on personal finance topics—all in real-time.
  • Watch-list allows real-time tracking of changes in the stock market.
  • The app delivers urgent notification alerts directly to your phone, keeping you updated with the latest information.
  • With the app, you get access to live streams, video clips and full episodes from the best of CNBC entertainment wherever you are.


  • The app is reputed to have some bugs affecting its user interface and can be quite frustrating.
  • “Urgent” alerts may sometimes be about mundane news and stories.


Free but contains ads.

8. Webull: Go-to Resource for Technical Aspects and Free Trading


Webull is an easy-to-use platform offering free trading on stocks, ETFs and options. As long as your country supports the app, it only takes a day to open an account, and you can start trading immediately. 

Not only can you use Webull for stock trading, but the app also provides the latest market updates and financial news.

Why We Choose It

Though its product portfolio options are reputed to be limited, it is still lauded as one of the best stock market apps in the market because of its commission-free stocks, ETFs and options. The app also allows for crypto trading and margin accounts. 

No annual or options trade fee is required; you don't need a minimum deposit. You can get a signing bonus of 6 free stocks when you open an account and make a deposit—and you can get real-time market quotes for free when trading. All of this you’ll get, and the platform still provides access to advanced trading tools. 


  • It is a commission-free brokerage on stocks, ETFs and options. Webull also allows for cryptocurrency trading and margin accounts.
  • The app provides free real-time market quotes for investors.
  • An account is easy to open, and its user-friendly interface is remarkably friendly.
  • No minimum deposit is required to trade.
  • Provides 6 free starter stocks after opening an account and depositing any amount. The stocks are valued to be within $3-$3000.


  • Webull doesn't provide access to mutual funds, futures or OTC stocks.
  • Product portfolio options are limited.
  • Weak educational content for beginners.


It's free across the board.

9. Scanz (formerly EquityFeed Workstation)

Scanz is the stock market's response to an influx of information when trading. Scanz comes with powerful scanners that are invaluable when trading because of the massive amounts of data that needs to be uncovered. 

With the scanner, you can finetune your searches so that the only stock data you get are those you're passionate about. 

Why We Choose It

Scanz works by combing the stock market and extracting key data points according to the filters set when the search commenced. 

This way, you're only presented with information that fits into your trading strategy so that you can make the best out of your investments. 

What sets Scanz apart from other scanning software is the speed at which the information is delivered. The robust scanning, with the news streaming service that the platform provides, ensures that users of the platform are almost always the first to react to changes in the market.


  • Customizable scanners help comb through massive amounts of stock data to bring out only the key points that fit into your trading strategy. Scanz are filtered to specific stock types like ETFs, regular stocks and foreign stocks.
  • Breakout signals are filter options that can be set up to be sent out once the stocks are out of their price range.
  • You can set up customized watchlists on the app to track specific stock changes as they come. 
  • The powerful news streaming service ensures that you always have your finger on the market's pulse and are aware of any developments as soon as it happens.
  • Once set up, scanning alerts are sent directly to your device the instant stocks meet your filtering criteria.


  • Scanz imposes an extra cost on OTC market data.
  • Broker integration hasn't been fully implemented. 


A monthly subscription to the platform costs $79-$149. OTC market costs an additional $15 every month.

10. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance boasts extensive research abilities and a set of advanced analytical tools.

It gives you the means to create your trading portfolio by providing information about top companies holders, ESG ratings and historical financials. 

Why We Choose It

Yahoo! Finance is probably the best stock market app for beginners, providing valuable information about financial news and market data. 

The app tracks specific stocks across the market, getting real-time alerts and notifications about investment updates. You can also track bonds, futures, world indices and others.

DIY investors—beginners and advanced traders alike—can be at home here at Yahoo! Finance. For it affords the chance to dive deep into the tons of analytics on the historical performance of stocks, ESG rating, and more—so they can make the best decision when investing their money.


  • With Yahoo! Finance, traders can build multiple portfolios using the same account. 
  • The app allows tracking of specific stocks across the market and provides real-time information about significant changes in trends.
  • Yahoo! Finance has extensive research abilities to track data over all the relevant platforms.
  • Interactive charting can help uncover stock market trends for more efficient trading.


  • Live Support is not used on a mobile device.
  • The app's user interface can be a bit complicated to use.


The subscription plan for Yahoo! Finance is divided into three tiers:

  • Essential: costs $35 for monthly billing but can be discounted for annual payments.
  • Lite: costs $25 a month, which can go for at a discounted rate if you opt-in for an annual payment.
  • Free.

11. MarketWatch App

Based on the actual website, the MarketWatch App is one of the best places for free stock news. The app is available for Android and iPhones, and, with an account, you can easily sync your watchlists between the website and your phone. 

That way, you can always keep track of the important stocks wherever you are and with just a click of a button.

Why We Choose It

Like its parent website, the MarketWatch app provides only the most reliable news about the latest stock market trends and financial data.

You can customize your alerts to get instant notifications on market changes and set up watchlists to track stocks across the relevant markets and regions.


  • Provides reliable information about stock market trends and updated data in real-time, so you're always kept up to date.
  • User-friendly interface. Easily navigable.
  • Allows customized watchlists to track the performance of specific stocks over wide date ranges and regions.
  • Serves as a stock market data center with stocks and rates updated instantaneously.
  • The Interactive Top Stories allows users to customize a drop-down menu of other news channels.


  • Doesn't provide as much coverage as other trading news apps might.
  • Comes with tons of ads that can make reading difficult


The app is free

12. Morningstar


The Morningstar app comes with a lot of research and analytical tools, making it one of the best stock market apps for investors. 

The app comes with two subscription plans. The Basic plan is suitable for all investors.

In contrast, the Investor plan is designed mainly for hands-on traders who want to thoroughly manage their portfolios and pick market-winning stocks.

Why We Choose It

Unlike most investment firms, Morningstar doesn't broker stocks for investors. Instead, it utilizes its robust research and analytical tools to comb the market and provide advice and insights to investors to help them make the right decision when throwing their chips in.

Their research covers everything from stock price and ratings to mutual funds, ETFs and even bonds. The app is more suited to active traders and intermediate traders trying to advance. It offers several key features to help investors properly allocate their assets and pick winning stocks to generate consistent profits.


  • Extensive research, analysis and insights for stocks, mutual funds and EFTs.
  • They provide one of the best investment lists to help you pick the best stocks.
  • Morningstar ratings are widely used by investors everywhere as a reliable measure to determine whether a fund is worth the risk of buying.
  • The Portfolio Manager helps investors properly allocate their assets and diversify their holdings. 
  • The app is easy to navigate and can be customized to some extent.


  • The subscription plan is seen to be a little steep for beginner investors.
  • Though it offers a free Basic plan, users do not have access to quality content until they pay
  • Some rating only takes note of the past performance.


Subscription to the Investor plan costs $249 annually. There's a 14-day free trial for customers looking to review the service before subscribing. The Basic plan is free.

13. The Wall Street Journal App

The Wall Street Journal is renowned for its reliable delivery of business and financial news and in-depth analysis of economics and other related topics. 

For years, the Wall Street Journal has been an authority on financial news and stock market data—and the digital version isn't much different. 

Why We Choose It

The Wall Street Journal app is available on Android and IOS devices and is the perfect medium to understand your investments better and what to expect. 

The app comes with a customized news feed where traders can get reliable and up-to-date updates about valuable stock changes as soon as they happen. Notification is set up, so users are always alerted to urgent news immediately.

What sets the app apart is that users get unlimited access to all the content on the parent company's website and digital news magazine, which is years and years of insightful opinions and discussions, right to your phone.


  • Quality and reliable information on financial news and stock market data.
  • Unlimited access to the Journal's website content and digital news magazine.
  • Customizable alerts and notifications.
  • The app comes with portfolio tracking tools that are invaluable for investors.


  • The app has a confusing start-up screen.


The Journal app costs $32.99 and $36.99 every month.

14. Barron's – Investing Insights

Information is vital when it comes to investing. It's not how fast you get the news but the quality of the information. And that's what Barron's all about. 

The app analysis is aimed at hands-on traders who're constantly seeking the next winning pick, and it helps them in this by providing quality market news and insights about significant market trends. Hence, investors always make the right choice.

Why We Choose It

The publications that come out of Barron's every week are invaluable to active traders. The content covers everything from financial news to market picks, but its central story focuses on significant industries or companies with their trends and fundamentals analyzed. 

In addition to the analysis, Barron's contents also involve weekly stock picks and educational discourse about investment options, not just in the financial sector but also in the entertainment industry.


  • Offers great insights and critical analysis about industry trends, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodities, forex, options, etc.
  • The best fit for users looking to educate themselves with in-depth discourse and research.
  • Contents are easily digestible and can come in videos, podcasts, and even live streams.
  • Educational discourse about investment options that aren't limited to just the financial sector


  • Price is targeted more at active investors rather than the casual trader.
  • Since the contents are geared towards intermediate investors, beginners might be lost when reading.
  • Barron doesn't have any portfolio analysis tools.


Barron's has the option of either a digital subscription, print, or both. Digital subscription costs $19.99 a month; while digital + print costs $29.99 every month. 

There's also an option for Premium Digital that goes for $27.99 a month.

15. StockTwits

StockTwits is an absolute must-have for people looking for a quick and stress-free way of keeping up-to-date with the most important industry market trends.

StockTwits, as a social messaging platform, connects investors and traders from around the world to each other, allowing for like-minded people to discuss significant market news, exchange insights and ideas and get expert opinions about related topics.

Why We Choose It

StockTwits opens up a giant community focused on traders and investors interested in the stock exchange. The platform provides a safe space for meaningful discourse between private traders and investors in real-time, sharing helpful tips and trading tricks that might prove invaluable. 


  • Provides a community for investors and traders to share experiences, insights, as well as helpful tricks they might have picked up.
  • The app allows you to filter incoming messages as you want—or block undesired ones.
  • Users can search through the data for specific information using “cashtags.”
  • The app has an easy-to-use interface on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Filter can also help to track helpful ideas and tips from specific investors, known to be reliable. 


  • Though the app technically provides information about market changes and the like, other users publish the news, so you can't be sure of its quality.


The app can be signed up for free but can contain a frustrating number of ads. To get rid of the promotions, you can subscribe to StockTwits Plus, which costs $7.99 monthly or $84.99 yearly.

16. Robinhood

Robinhood is one of the best stock apps for beginner investors because of its low trading costs and easy-to-use interface. The platform is popular amongst traders because it provides a place where users can buy and sell stocks, cryptocurrency, options trading, EFTs, etc. 

It costs exactly $0 to start and provides access to top-tier tools and opportunities. This might explain why it has found a market among young investors looking to enter the stock market.

Why We Choose It

Robinhood is a solid choice for beginners still learning the ropes and others looking to execute low-cost trades. 

The platform is easily navigable and allows traders to investigate stocks (you can pull up the stock's data through the search bar) before placing orders. Users can also stay up-to-date through its news feed.


  • Free trades.
  • The app offers access to fractional shares and crypto offerings.
  • The Cash Management feature of the app allows users to get returns on uninvested funds.
  • Its easy-to-use interface makes it a great option for investors who prefer to trade on a mobile device.


  • Information might not be as comprehensive as in other apps.
  • Limited account types are available on the app. Robinhood doesn't offer mutual funds or fixed-income investment products. 




Why should I use a stock news app?

The stock market can be overwhelming, sifting through the thousands of data generated daily. A good stock news app helps comb through the chaff and only provides the most relevant information you need to uncover trends and pick the best stock out of the lot. 

When used well, stock news apps can significantly improve trading efficiency and help you spot trends faster and easier. The best stock market apps might even spot those trends for you and recommend them for a price.

Should I use a stock news app if I've never invested before?

There is a lot of stock market news app that caters to beginners. Most even offer educational materials that teach everything a newbie investor needs to start the industry. Apps like Robinhood are a good place to start, but other apps might be more suited to your specific preferences

Which is the best stock news app?

While some apps can be more suited to combing through data, others might have their strengths in a different areas. The best stock market news app to use ultimately depends on the tools needed for your trading strategies.

The CNBC app is commonly seen as a good place to start, though, as it has a host of helpful features that have proven invaluable to traders.

The Final Word

Financial news can have a significant impact on stock prices and market movements. In recent years, companies like Facebook and Tesla have seen their stocks soar or plunge based on their financial announcements and the broader markets. It is important for investors to stay up to date on financial news in order to make informed investment decisions.

One way to stay informed is by reading reputable financial news apps like the ones we've shared here. The best stock market news apps use powerful analytical and research tools to identify winning stocks by combing through thousands of data.

It is vital because the stock market lives and dies on financial news. So, even if the apps themselves don't offer any advice on which stocks to pick, the information they provide, or the opportunities for discourse among peers, can be invaluable in deciding what to invest in.

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