How To Pay Off Student Loans Faster

If you haven't figured out how to pay off student loans last year, then change it up and tackle your debt with these smart pay off tips.

It's 2022. If you haven't figured out how to pay off student loans last year, then change it up and tackle your debt with these smart pay off tips.

If you are a doctor, dentist, lawyer or Master of Business Administration (MBA) holder with high federal loan debt, you’re not alone in this predicament.

According to economic research carried out by Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, approximately 45.2 million Americans are laden with $1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt.

That means for every four college professional degree holders, one is repaying their student loan. For most college students, this is not music to the ears, seeing as many wish to live a debt-free life full of opportunities, but are weighed down with a federal loan debt before even earning their first salary.

The average American student graduates with a student loan totaling $30,000 and more. Being yoked to such a huge debt before your first paycheck is not funny, and you’d want to pay it off. But how to pull this off? How do you pay down student loans without putting life’s goals and opportunities on hold?

Stop buying time to pay off your debt

A federal loan can pin your life down and that’s nothing worth writing home about. So the best way is to never wait to pay. Just pay it off as soon as you get the chance. This way your loan never increases and you are at peace with yourself.

  • Federal loans provide borrowers a grace period to pay off their loans.
  • During this period, loan interest rates never accrue giving you more time to pay it off without any additional costs.
  • It’s at this period that most people never attempt (or shows any signs) to pay off little amounts of money to offset their loan.

In fact, many don’t take up the initiative to pay anything, and that’s where the problem lies. A prudent move to clear your debt is to pay little amounts as low as $20 monthly to offset your loan's interest first then work on reducing the principal amount as time progresses, and you’ll buy yourself repayment time.

Check on a loan repayment term

The idea is to clear off your loan as soon as possible, but this goal is far-fetched if you don’t consider the repayment plans of your high student loan debt.

Most repayment plans are designed to make broke students repay loans within shorter periods of time even while paying more monthly interest rates than they can handle over the given period.

This birthed income-based repayment plans (IBR) to assist students to repay their student loan debts fast beyond the usual 10-year repayment plan. IBR offers reprieve in the form of extending repayment terms on a student loan while lowering monthly interest rates.

If you’re employed and have an income, department of education will provide you loan repayment plans based on your current income. This repayment plan provides you options of making low payments on over a given period of time.  While this is a prudent move, it slows your loans pay off time.

If you are unable to make minimum payments on your student loan then consider an income-driven repayment plan by all means. Otherwise, it is ideal to save money and pay off your federal loan faster.

Get employed in the public service

If you are weighed down with a huge student loan, the best way to clear it off is through seeking a career in the public service. According to the public service loan forgiveness program, a student laden with a huge loan balance can have it scrapped off if they make 10-year payments at once.

If you are a professional degree holder that took up several loans to complete their education this option provides a faster way to take care of your federal loans. And that’s the goal you want to achieve.

You can also have your debt taken care off when working under service programs or education grants that offer loan forgiveness programs, and there are many. Find the right one that suits you.

Have your monthly payments deducted automatically

Perhaps the easiest way to pay off your student debt loan fast is to have it automatically deducted the minute your paycheck hits your bank account every month. This saves you time to offset our extra personal loans and not give it much thought as the repayment is done automatically. It doesn’t require your input at all.

For some reason, this option comes with an added advantage as many lenders will have a reduction of 0.25% interest rates taken away from your federal loan. So enrolling in automatic repayments plans is not only ideal for you but also saves you planning time and money (you’d pay as extra interest rates)

Make timely payments before the given time

Waiting for the due date to elapse before making payments is not advisable or any wiser. It only works against the borrower since it carries no advantage as opposed to paying before the due date.

Always make timely payments before the specific given date to enjoy reduced interest rates and a fast reduction of the principal amount you initially borrowed.

Remember federal loan’s interest rates are calculated on a daily basis so the more you make timely payments (before the due date) the better for you. If you are unsure of how much you are needed to repay back, use a repayment estimate calculator.

Make payments every fortnight

Handling tasks get easier if you split the tasks into small manageable tasks. The same applies to your loan payments. Make loan payments easier by dividing (into two) your monthly payments into weekly or bi-weekly payments. This a simple yet overlooked way to get out loan debt faster.

Take, for example, a student loan of $40,000. To offset this loan you need to pay $400 for ten years to complete it. But if the $400 can be divided into a manageable amount of $200 that you can pay every fortnight, you’d easily reduce your interest rates and repayment period, to your advantage.

Creative Ways To Pay Off Student Loans Faster Than Ever

Once you have graduated, the joy of having finally finished school will be suppressed by the fact that you need to start paying your student loans.

According to data released recently, over 44 million Americans collectively hold nearly $1.5 trillion in student debt.

Don't worry, this guide will help you find creative ways that can help you begin to pay off your debts before you get too comfortable in your post-education freedom.

15 Crazy Easy Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster Than Ever!

Student loans have no prepayment penalty, which means you can pay them off anytime. Why would you pay more money than you have to?

1. Make more than the minimum payment

The best way to pay your debt in five years or less is always to pay more than the minimum. Even if you do not have a stable job yet, an overpayment of as little as $10 could get you off debt faster. It shortens the term of the loan and the interests you have to pay.

2. Start paying while in school

You do not have to wait until you are done with school. If you can find some work with still studying, try paying your debt early. Your repayment period will be shorter. This is particularly helpful if you have unsubsidized loans that still charge interest even if you are in school.

3. Try renting your vehicle

If you have a car, you can make some extra cash by renting your vehicle to complete strangers. Companies like Turo let you do this and you can make some pretty good money doing so! You can charge whatever rate you want that will help you have some pocket money and still pay off your student loans faster than ever. It is a rewarding business and really clever side hustle.

4. Sell photos

Today, more and more people are looking for professional photographers. Some people are also willing to buy pictures of nature’s beauty online. You can take such pictures and sell them on photography stock websites. These fees may be small, but they add up.

5. Join mock juries

Unless you work in the courtroom, most people do not want to find themselves in the courtroom. However mock juries pay well, and they are fun to participate in. You can easily earn up to $200 per day.

6. Rent your friendship

Are you a fun person to be with? Well, there are websites where people are looking to pay for companionship. The best part is that you choose how much you want to charge per hour.

7. Try dog sitting

Pet sitting is a lucrative job today. People are looking for anyone to be their pet sitter. You are guaranteed to get a regular income to help pay off your student loans. You can even get paid for dog walking with companies like Rover.

8. Get paid to test apps

All the hours you spend playing video games can be worth it. You can now get paid to test apps and are paid around $10 per completed review. And it does add up.

9. Teach English

Do you know any foreign languages? If so, you can teach them to people who need to learn. Even better, you can teach English to people who want to come to the US and live here. You can easily sign up to become an English teacher at sites like VIPKid.

10. Be an online tutor

As a graduate, you have probably seen it all, essays, homework, assignments, dissertations, etc. if you are willing to teach and help other students improve their grades you can join tutoring sites.

11. Choose companies that offer graduate benefits

Some companies help you pay off your debts easily by offering some benefits that can help you pay off your debts. They will help you free up some time for other things.

12. Be a designer

Today, people love great graffiti on their clothes. If you have funny or inspiring quotes, you can buy t-shirts and print these messages on them. Sell them for a profit, and you can earn a lot.

13. Be a dating coach

Love is hard to find. Therefore people are willing to spend money to be helped to maintain their relationships.

14. Transcription

This is a great job that you can do at home. Most companies will pay you good money per hour of audio. It is a great way to earn some extra cash.

15. Be a clown

Clowns earn a good amount of money per hour to entertain children on special occasions. It is a great job because you do not need to have a resume to be one.

Ready To Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt?

There are many other ways to get out federal loans including having your employer help you pay tuition fees as well as consolidating your loans to a lower interest rate. Also, if you have a private student loan, it is important to employ the aforesaid ways to get of debt faster.

It’s no secret that professional degree holders are among the many people in the U.S. heavily burdened with student loans (a good chunk owes their parents as well). With a good strategy up your sleeve and hard work on what best practices to employ, it is easier to get off the chains of these loans, for good.

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